Welcome to ed-consult

What we do 

Educational consultancy

We provide educational consultancy, project management, testing, and evaluation services for corporations, SMEs, and public and private organisations.

Education and training

We deliver courses, workshops, idea cafés in the areas of languages, communication, culture, eSkills, nature, (digital) art, and rural development - online and offline. Our target groups are companies, public organisations, teachers and trainers as well as individual learners.

Research and development

We focus our research on the design and development of innovative collaboratory eLearning environments and learning scenarios in cooperation with international partners. 

Who we are 

ed-consult consists of an international team of partners with professional backgrounds in languages, education, social sciences, political science, art, anthropology and agriculture. We deliver courses and workshop across Denmark and worldwide. We are based in Nymindegab on the southwest coast of Denmark (since 2001) and Copenhagen (since 2010).


ed-consult Nymindegab, Birketoften 6, DK-6830 Nr Nebel


Øresund Parkvej 21, 2 tv, DK-2300 Copenhagen

Phone. +45 31550323  - Skype: edconsult - Email: info@ed-consult.dk                                                                                                                                               


We have expertise in carrying out evaluations of national and European projects and programmes.

Major clients have been the European Commission and projects in the programmes LifeLong Learning, European Social Funding, Health, and Interreg.

We have a pro-active evaluation approach. We do not only assess your project using summative and formative types of evaluation. We also provide coaching and mentoring and support your project team to make a considerable impact and develop Best Practices.

If you want your project to succeed, contact us for a competitive offer!





Project design & Management

We help public and private organisation to design projects for funding and manage complex transnational projects.

If you have a project idea, we find suitable programmes for funding and elaborate a proposal. If your project is selected for funding, we help you to manage and implement your project and develop best practices.

We can also provide facilities for effective online collaboration.

If you have no idea yet, we help organize an idea café with your team to develop creative ideas to design an innovative project.

If you are looking for funding for your ideas, contact us for an offer!


We deliver workshops and idea café in the fields of

- collaborative e-Learning for teachers/trainers and learners

-  e-Skills 

- creativity and innovation

- regional development

- intercultural communication

and specialized workshops as part of our innovative projects with a focus on creating living regions in Europe.

We provide facilities and infrastructures  for e-Learning and knowledge sharing.


Current projects







MW-Sonet and Sheepskills Custering Workshops


ed-consult, Birketoften 6, 6830 Nr Nebel  &  Øresund Parkvej 21 2tv, 2300 Copenhagen S, Denmark